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What you MUST know about VOIP

by Lucas Velloso

VoIP (Voice over internet protocol) represents the next generation of Phone services. The VoIP technology uses a high speed internet connection (such as DSL or cable) rather than a traditional phone line, for the transmission of voice signals. The use of this technology costs significantly less than the use of traditional phone lines. Think of it as having to send a document to someone by fax versus sending the same document by e-mail. Which option is cheaper? The cost of faxing a document depends on where you’re faxing it to and how many pages you’re faxing (and therefore how long you’ll use the phone line). E-mailing the document costs the same thing regardless of where you’re e-mailing it to and how many pages you’re e-mailing. The same applies to VOIP.

There are several providers currently offering VOIP phone services such as Vonage, lingo and packet8 among others. The calling plans range in…

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How to choose a VoIP services provider

by Alen

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is relatively a new addition to the cutting edge telecommunication industry. Using VoIP one can make a call over a broadband connection by installing certain VoIP hardware as well as VoIP software configuration. The biggest benefit of using VoIP is its cost effectiveness against traditional phone lines. The VoIP services provider plays a bigger role in saving costs; therefore utmost caution should be taken before choosing a VoIP service provider. Here are some of the points worth pondering before choosing a VoIP service provider:

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Top Ten Reasons to get Satellite Radio

Reno Charlton

Over the years we’ve seen all areas of entertainment change and improve in many ways. We?ve seen more and more channels appear on satellite television, we’ve seen the appearance of CDs and DVDs, and now we have access to satellite radio to complement our AM/FM service. Satellite radio is available through two providers, Sirius and XM, both of which offer a range of subscription packages and programming choice.

Satellite radio is becoming more and more popular, both with discerning listeners that want more choice and better quality, and with those that have had to put up with a lot of static in the past and are unable to get a clear reception on AM/FM radio. You can get some really affordable deals on satellite radio these days, so enjoying crystal clear, uninterrupted, diverse entertainment has never been easier. You can get satellite radio installation for your car or your home, and by making some comparisons you can enjoy some excellent deals on satellite radio accessories. You will need a satellite radio antenna and a satellite radio receiver in order to enjoy this service, but again you get some excellent deals and offers when you go online.

There are many reasons why satellite radio…

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Make Money on Internet Promote The Product Not The Program

Hector Milla

Allan Gardyne a well-known affiliate marketers on the Web, gives various pieces of advice in order to earn money online. Promote the product and not the program is one of these ones. However, some people seem to have not listened to this uttermost advice of one of the successful men on the net.

For Gardyne there are thousands of ways to promote affiliate products, but the worst way of doing it is…

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Which is better EDTV or HDTV

bradley james

With all the new digital formats out there, it is of little surprise that there exists considerable confusion about EDTV and HDTV. First of all, EDTV stands for Enhanced Definition Television, while HDTV stands for High Definition Television. TVs equipped with either of these formats are capable of receiving and potraying images in a digital fashion – both of which are superior in visual quality to the standard TV (SDTV).
Which is better, EDTV, or HDTV?

This is a question that comes up quite often, and it really has a simple answer: HDTV is…

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GPS How Does It Work

Steven Johnston

The Global Positioning System is a satellite-based navigation system put into place by the U.S. Department of Defense and is a network made up of 24 satellites in orbit around the earth. The satellites orbit the earth at about 12,000 miles, are solar powered, they transmit a signal of only 50 watts, and travel at speeds of about 7000 miles per hour. The GPS system was originally intended for military use only, but during the 1980s the government decided to allow civilian use. The satellites make a complete orbit around the earth every 24 hours, and are spaced equal distances from each other.

Now that we have covered most of the equipment information, let’s talk about what a GPS can do, and why we have such technology. The GPS system allows for satellite tracking of just about anything to which you can attach a tracker. The GPS system is accurate to within about 15 meters from anywhere on earth. This is some amazing technology, yet it is still relatively new to the average consumer.

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Five Solid Reasons To Use An Internet Fax Service

By Titus Hoskins

Online or Internet Fax Services are becoming extremely popular with our ever increasingly mobile workplace and workforce. As we become more mobile, we want the ability to receive and send faxes through our email and the Internet. It’s as simple as that!

Receive and send your faxes anywhere, anytime.

Plus, you have no more paper jams, no more bulky fax machines, no more busy signals and no more return trips to the office to pick up that important fax at 10 o’clock at night!

If you need more convincing about the advantages of using or switching to an Internet Fax Service, here’s a short list of reasons:

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Direct TV Satellite TV What You Should Know Before You Order

Brian Stevens

Launched in 1994 by General Motors, Direct TV is the largest satellite TV provider in the world, with 14.5 million subscribers and 15 satellites.
Direct TV is ranked #2 in customer satisfaction among…

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Buying a Used Laptop Computer

David Perlmutter

Buying a used or refurbished laptop is much the same as buying a new one – except you are going to get a much better buy! When considering buying a used laptop, the first thing to do is to determine what your needs are.
What do you want to use the laptop for?
*Word Processing
*Internet Browsing
*Use at Work and at Home
*On-line Shopping
*Database Applications
*Personal Finance and Online Banking

The reason for assessing what you applications you need are that most refurbished laptops often only include the Operating System (OS). Some don’t even have an OS installed so make sure you know what you’re buying before you spend your money.

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Cell Phone Marketing Podcasting Ringtones Wallpaper and Games are Hot

Jack Humphrey

Cell phone and PDA cell phone combo users are downloading, buying, and playing more and more add-ons than ever before. From cell phone wallpaper (backgrounds and images) to games and ringtones, it seems cell phone users just cannot get enough!
There are also even newer software and information packages that…

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